Biathlon laser kits which we are offering are

 without risk and without danger

 Before listing the offered equipment details let us precise that

After testing the Kiwi precision laser equipment and the main competitor one, we have realized that the Kiwi equipment is far much more advanced on all point of view :

    • design

    • operation cost

    • Biathlon sport code

    • Reliability

    • Price

    • precision

    • components quality

=> This is why BnCO became the Kiwi export distributor and why we offer you ONLY biathlon laser kit branded KIWI 

Which model should you select ?

As per BnCO experience our advice is :

1 - If you want to use it for leisure event I would advice you to select the L size for the following reasons  :

Kids prefer to use the same equipment as adult - when they are missing with the S size this is fault of the laser rifle ...!!!!!


2 - If you want to train kids for stand up shooting the size S is the one to select for weight reason


 Kiwi Biathlon laser kit are including

Why should you invest in Biathlon laser kit ?

  •  To offer to your customers a pleasant activity which will increase the  attractivity of your activities 


  • To create a serious activity which will activate :
    • motivation,
    • concentration,
    •  stress managment,
    • shooting

Why should you buy Biathlon laser kit to BnCO : 

  1. Quality of the Biathlon laser Kiwi precision which are fully safe and without troubles (noise, polution,...)
  2. We are offering a complete package which we will describe during our next contact - we remain at your entire disposal to provide all requested information on on +33 664 577 136 or
  3. Because we have the Biathlon laser spirit :
    1. On one hand the Biathlon laser is the first access to the Biathlon and it will enable young players to discover this pleasant sport
    2. On the other hand Biathlon laser Rifle are a "tool" to create leisure activity especially oriented to families